Rehab Socks

A nagging hip injury and an intermittent shoulder issue have required me to take my training down a notch. A(nother) good chat with Tom has made me realize I need to own the fact I am not 100% (walk the walks, friends). Time to put on the rehab hat. Eh, I don’t wear hats unless my bangs need cut. Tube socks, however, have several redeeming qualitites: support, coverage, comfort, stripes. So, I will put on my rehab socks… (Funny how that sounds like ‘rehab sucks”, yeah?)

Thursday’s Training:
4 rounds:
-single arm KB bench press x 6
-rest 1 min
-single arm banded row x 10
-rest 2 min

-handstand walks 4 x 15’, resting 1 min between walks

4 rounds:
-chin up hold w/ underhand grip 10 sec (adding 5 second increments until it’s challenging)
-double-unders – 30 seconds
-rest 1 min

The single arm press and rows felt good, but kinda easy. (Was that how they were supposed to feel?) The rows were maybe a little awkward, but I suppose part of that was just keeping my shoulders in proper position.

The handstand walks were fun, though the forward progression is a new challenge. The max. distance I covered was maybe 7 feet.

Chin-up holds are legit. Shoulders down and back. Worked up to 20 seconds. Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to slowly resist on the way down or not, or if the focus was just holding at the top. Nothing exciting to report on the DU’s other than I fucking own those bitches. Finally.

Did some foam rolling and stretching with the happy hour class. Right glute/hip region was pretty pissed.


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