The Devil’s Tricycle

Playing catch up on my workouts as I figure out all this blogging business…

Friday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 (That’s code for 30 minutes on the Airdyne at a conversational pace. I don’t know who established these zones, or how many of them there are, but I do know I have a hard time staying in Zone 1.)
Every 5:00 hope of the trike and perform 5 body rows

Saturday’s Workout:
30:00 AD @ Z1 + D (That’s Vitamin D. From the sun.)
Every 5:00 KB rack carry for 100m (I used two 35# kettlebells)

Both workouts felt good. Friday I had to stop the body rows on the last set as my right shoulder did that thing where it hurts. Saturday I was reminded that I gotta bring in the ear buds. The rack carries are fun and always challenging; practicing that belly breathing.




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