Monday on Two-sday

Covering two days here, while I get in the habit of posting my notes online instead of by hand in my training diary. Dear Diary…

30:00 AD
5 beautiful push-ups every 5:00

My back started to bother me on Sunday so I hit PT with Dr. Dom. Some adjustments were made and Dr. Brandon did some Graston-ing on my mulitifidi. Ouch. 

Rest day

My low back is still bothering me today so the only activity I did was walking the spotted dog in the morning. 

Over the weekend, I heard an interesting discussion on America’s Test Kitchen. The conversation was with author Michael Moss and addressed “how food companies weaponize ingredients to create addiction.” Weaponize. Woah. Interesting stuff. You can take a listen here (if you want to get right to business fast forward to the 15:55 mark):



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