KT Tape is Magic

And it makes your skin tingle when you get out of the shower. Proof.

Wednesday’s Movement (Z1 Rehab Mode)

3 rounds:
Banded rows x 10 reps (single arm, red band)
Rest 1:00
DB press x 10 rep (single arm, 26# KB, which I realize in hindsight is NOT a DB)
Rest 1:00

AD (Airdyne) 1:00

Then, 3 rounds:
Biceps curl x 10 reps (1 @ 20# DB, 2-3 @ 15# DB)
Rest 1:00
Banded triceps pull-downs x 15 reps; (Red band on first set; purple remaining) 
Rest 1:00

AD 1:00

And finally:
20 min of stretch with the 6:00 crew


Considering how badly my lower back felt this morning, I am amazed how good I feel this evening. Workout felt fine; no alarm bells went off or anything. As I sit here eating a sweet potato I should have left to cook a little longer and icing my voodoo points, my right glute is yelling at me a little. We’ll see how things feel tomorrow, which will be a rest day ’cause Leah B is in town! We are going to perform The Leahs WOD: drinks, dinner, and catching up.


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