Twenty a Day


Finally finished reading Eat the Yolks. With all it’s myth-busting, knowledge bombs, and humor, it’s one I will definitely be sharing with my neighbors in the Little Free Library on my street. Up next is some fiction, House of Leaves, which has been patiently waiting on the shelf for years. I am trying to make reading a daily ritual so I’m starting with 20 pages a day.

Monday | August 11 | 2-0-1-4

30:00 AD, every 5:00 perform 1:00 forward leaning rest or side plank (30 sec ea. side)

Had PT this morning. Stood at the workstation for 4 hours without issue. The AD made me sweat and that felt good. Felt like I was walking with a pimp limp today, though I did not verify this with anyone else.



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