The Yoozh

I’ve been feeling extremely introverted lately. Thought maybe my work or this injury had me “in the grip”. I took a Jung-based personality test this afternoon to compare it to the last one I remember the results of, which admittedly was a long time ago – during grad school, circa 2007. Back then I fell into the ENTJ type. My results this afternoon:

Personality 08-13-14
I may be feeling introverted but it’s not due to it being my inferior function.
Rehab Sesh:
10:00 Foam Rollin’
AD 30:00, every 5:00 2x wall walks
10:00 of Stretchin’

The devil’s tricycle really felt good, as did the wall walks. Made sure to pay close attention to my positioning – shoulders, abs engaged, crack the walnut – and how things felt. No negative feedback.



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