Bombs & Bewbs

Today I am taking care of business ’cause tonight is vice night: Jeni’s Salty Caramel and the UFC fights. Maybe some reading after. Crazy. 

Frrriday – 15 August 2014:

The Devi’s Tricycle for 30:00, every 5:00 do some handstands and/or walks.

Saturrrday – 16 August 2014:

AD in the shade for 30:00, every 5:00 rotate forward/reverse sled pulls (90#) for 100m in the sun while listening to the fellas of Barbell Shrugged chat with John Welbourn

Feedback: On Friday my shoulders were still pretty sore from the wall walks I did on Wednesday, so my decision to do handstands was probably pretty fucking stupid. I ended up just ADing the last 10:00 solid without a break because of that. So far today (Saturday) the shoulders feel fine. I was assigned some PT exercises on Thursday that are supposed to help strengthen them, but essentially these “exercises” boil down to establishing and maintaining good posture – shoulders down and back. It’s weird ’cause I don’t feel like I’m a hunchy person, but as I sit here and type this, those fuckers just slooowly creep up and forward. Woke up feeling really good in the hip/thigh region so I went to the gymnasium and won the AD race. The sled pulls felt good, but man did I feel the reverse pulls in my glutes! Am I losing my scoops because I have not been squatting/lifting the barbell?! Fuckety fuck fuck. However, I am super glad all the things seem to be moving in the right direction. The affected areas – hip/glute/adductor/l-spine – are all feeling better. Fuck yeah.  
As promised, lot’s of f-bombs. Here are the Bewbs. (C’mon, that’s cute and funny.)

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