Action Monday

Sunday was rest day. Walked the paws a little extra ’cause it was nice out this morning and felt good, even following two “on” days, Friday AND Saturday. Haaaaay. I realized at the end of the day that I hadn’t thought about my injury once… because I didn’t feel it at all. 

walking stats

Monday I hit recess at DTPhx. Here’s a preview of my rehabbing workout…


Action Monday

Monday | 18 August 2014:

10:00 Foam Rolling

AD 30:00 – every 5:00 – 5x single are KB presses (26#) and 30 Double-Unders

15:00 Mobility + Stretching

I decided which of the AirDyne machines is my favorite and felt it deserved a proper name: Gerard Butler. Everything felt great, though I am getting a little saddle sore from all that action on Gerard. Perhaps, Tom will let me test the waters on the row machine this week… Incorporated a couple new icons into the stat block: Vitamin D (that would be the sun) and my daily meditation (Brains!). I use the HEADSPACE app which I really like so far (and it’s very visually pleasing, which I appreciate). The secret to the meditation is doing it either in the morning, or before dinner, NOT laying down right before bed. Then it’s becomes a 2 minute meditation instead of ten. Ooh that soothing British accent…





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