R & R(ecovery)

“Most of the world does zero thinking, so it makes it feel like any thinking is over-analyzing.” -Stretch Coach Ice Ice


– Rest (and Recovery) Day –


I admit I am tired of rest days. Perhaps because when I think of “rest” days I picture myself lounging on the sofa, sipping scotch and downing pints of Jeni’s while binge-watching Gran Hotel. When in fact, these “off” days are “recovery” days, and look nothing like that. (Though I MAY have watched an episode or two of the Gran Hotel, just to keep me up on ma Spanish.) I perused my labyrinth of bookmarked articles and stumbled upon this gem, Are You Recovering, Or Are You Just Resting?, from Whole9. I particularly like the “Stress is Stress” segment, as well as the discussion on “dose”.


“Being committed to recovery means that sometimes you don’t train hard, even if you really want to, and even if everyone else is doing it.”


the picture of rest


Slept like the dead and had a beer with ma dinner, which was Nom Nom Paleo’s Little O Burgers & big helpin’ of broccoli. Tasty.

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