R & R(ecovery)

“Most of the world does zero thinking, so it makes it feel like any thinking is over-analyzing.” -Stretch Coach Ice Ice


– Rest (and Recovery) Day –


I admit I am tired of rest days. Perhaps because when I think of “rest” days I picture myself lounging on the sofa, sipping scotch and downing pints of Jeni’s while binge-watching Gran Hotel. When in fact, these “off” days are “recovery” days, and look nothing like that. (Though I MAY have watched an episode or two of the Gran Hotel, just to keep me up on ma Spanish.)ย I perused my labyrinth of bookmarked articles and stumbled upon this gem, Are You Recovering, Or Are You Just Resting?, from Whole9. I particularly like the “Stress is Stress” segment, as wellย as the discussion on “dose”.


“Being committed to recovery means that sometimes you donโ€™t train hard, even if youย reallyย want to, and even if everyone else is doing it.”


the picture of rest


Slept like the dead and had a beer with ma dinner, which was Nom Nom Paleo’s Little O Burgers & big helpin’ of broccoli. Tasty.

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