Five Things Friday

Five things I learned this week:

1. There is a difference between kippers and sardines; kippers are smoked herring and sardines are sardines. 
2. Butter leaf lettuce is delicious and can totally sammich a burger better than a bun.
3. I now know where the saying, “Cut off your nose to spite your face” originated. Thank you, NPR.
4. Ya know, that time the roofer said he fixed the hole in the roof? Yeah, he was wrong.
5. I gotta be nicer to myself. Kicking my own ass is super unproductive.

Friday | 22 August 2014:

10:00 working things out with the foam roller & lacrosse ball

30:00 AD – every 5:00 do 5 glorious (that means with perfect form) push ups and 20 DU’s

10:00 streeeeetch

Yep. Ride that bike. Everything felt fine, minus the piriformis. Dr Dom says to use a tennis ball, but clearly he doesn’t know what that ball is up against. Lacrosse ball it is. On the last set of DU’s I did as many as I could unbroken and got 53. Just for funsies. My shoulder is feeling better so maybe next week I can start to incorporate some upper body work. We will see what The Oracle says.



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