Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Yeah. That was my dinner last night. What? They were organic. And delicious.

R2DR face plant

Wednesday | August 27

   – Rest & Recovery –


  Didn’t beat myself up about dinner. The rest of the day was quality foods.

Thursday | August 28
(Recovery Workout with the Happy Hour Class)
7 Rounds:
1:00 AD
1:00 Row
1:00 Side Bridge
1:00 Jog


The recovery felt good, in particular the rowing. I did feel a small amount of pain at the attachment point of my pesky adductor during the side bridge – when my right side (the injured one) was stacked on top. During the side bridges I really focused on crackin’ the walnut and stacking my hips. It’s crazy to me how much easier one side is than the other. I subbed an additional minute on the AD for the jog as I didn’t want to incorporate both the row and the running at once. Gotta isolate my test factors. Today’s foam rolling felt REALLY good (and painful in a good way) on both outer hip and quad areas. I’m guessing that’s a result from Tuesdays TGU’s. Really missing the barbell today. (There’s an Instagram rant in there, but that’s for another day.)
 08-28Injured pup = shitty sleep. I don’t know how people with teacup humans do it.

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