Five Things Friday

Five Things… I am going to do this weekend:

1. Watch my friend Cassie at her Oly Comp at Infernal
2. Training Hike #2 with Jennifer K
3. Eat oysters on outdoor patios (Well, just one patio. And many oysters.)
4. Take another step towards upgrading
5. Sip coffee and read in the sunshine with my spotted dog

I’ve realized that maybe I need to come out of summer/injury hibernation and be more social. And align my “ought” with my “actual” in one particular sphere of life…

Friday | August 29

– Rest & Recovery –


Feeling good from the rehab workouts this week. Haven’t gotten awesome sleep the last couple days and am feeling it today fo’ sho’. Life stresses made it a challenging day and by the end of it I found myself craving a pint… of Chubby Hubby. But instead of running to the freezer section of the Sexy Safeway to get my fix of the “peanut-buttery, chocolate experience” (Did you listen to the podcast I shared about the engineered bliss points of industrialized foods?!?!) I utilized the distraction technique and opened up one of my current reads, The Cholesterol Myth, which happened to be at the chapter, “Sugar: The Real Demon in the Diet”. Yeah, nice timing, Universe. Finishing the chapter prompted me to crunch some numbers. I don’t consume too many foods with nutrition labels these days. And the foods that do have labels, well, I usually read the ingredients, but couldn’t care less about the FDA and it’s guidelines, but today was an exception…
25g of sugar per serving  x 4 servings = 100 g sugar in one Netflixing session
4g of sugar in a teaspoon = 100g sugar/4g  = 25 t of sugar
3 teaspoons per Tablespoon = 25 t/ 3 = 8.33 Tablespoons


(The average American consumes nearly that much – 22 teaspoons – a day.)


Maybe the title of this post should have been “How I recovered from my Chubby Hubby Addiction”. 



One thought on “Five Things Friday”

  1. I am loving your blog! It and you inspire me to move more and make better choices. Not just for myself, but I have two other humans who consume what I prepare…
    I’m continually amazed at how much sugar and sodium are in everything!!


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