A Ginja

 What you call a redheaded ninja.

Sunday | August 31

– Rest & Recovery Day –

Saturday | August 30

Mormon Trail Loop 

South Mountain

+/- 5 miles


Saturday’s Oly Comp was really fun and inspiring; chatting with and cheering on some really great people. I admire my amiga, Cassie, for pushing herself to participate. When I asked her what prompted her to do it she said because she really thinks it will help her training. The fear that can rear it’s pesky and persistent head during a routine training session seems pretty minuscule compared to the ones that present themselves when you lift solo, center stage, in a new gym, with a room staring at you and your lifting face (I imagine).

 That’s Cassie on the left there. Yep, she’s amazing.


Hoping this may be the beginning of the end of my “injury updates”… Because I am feeling really, really good. For the first time in a couple months my adductor doesn’t hurt – at all at the insertion point and only slightly when I make an aggressive lateral motion (which occurred unintentionally during a rather intense session of fetch with the four-legged spotted beast.) Feeling some soreness in my glutes, but not the piriformis pain, just soreness from use. Scoops!

08-31Good eats today and ten glorious hours of sleep last night.


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