Measuring Backwards

The long weekend is coming to an end…


giphy beaker chin shake


I usually take stock of the week, past and upcoming, Sunday evenings (in this case Monday), reflecting on with what got done, what didn’t, where some progress was made and what I want to improve upon the next week. As a list-maker and organizer of things I’ve always considered it mental housekeeping; getting everything put in place for success. (Not that it always works, but I try to tip the scales in my favor.) James Clear recently wrote an article about this very thing, Measuring Backward, Not Forward. In it he addresses how we can utilize recent feedback to nudge us closer, no matter how incrementally, to our goals. As he poses in his piece, how can you improve by just a little bit this week…? 


Monday | 01 September

10:00 of QT with the foam roller
4 rounds:
3:00 Row 
5x single arm KB Press (16#)
30 DUs
5:00 Satan’s Tricycle
20:00 Stretch Class


Feedback from today’s training: I am feeling excellent. Not particularly strong, mind you. And rather squishy. But I don’t feel pain. And that is progress.

Between the chapter on sugar in The Cholesterol Myth and this lecture by Dr. Robert H. Lustig at the University of California, San Francisco, I’ve totally got sugar on my brain. I find it to be really interesting. The more you know…




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