This week has been stressful and my sleep has been crap. I took Tuesday and Wednesday as rest days.


Thursday | 04 September

4 Rounds:
Strict Press x3 Reps
right into
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) x 5 ea side @ 3131 tempo
right into
Wall Walks x2
rest 3:00


5:00 AMRAP DU’s in Sets of 10

Kept it light on the Strict Press (65#) since I’ve been rehabbing with just body-weight and some KBs. Felt good. The RFESS felt really strong on the left side (with the right foot on the bench) but less so on the right (but it was like that before this hip issue arose…interesting). On the right side I had a hell of a time not cheating and engaging my left quad. Also noticed my right knee wanted to fall in a bit rather than track over my toes. The wall walks felt nice and strong. As did the rest.

I got 16 rounds on the AMRAP, missing more than a handful on rep eight and nine: fatigue = shrugged shoulders = shortened rope = missed reps.


I’ve been mulling over the idea of incorporating liver into my diet because of it’s incredible nutrient density. Wednesday night I popped my organ meet cherry (Gross, Leah) and prepared and ate grass-fed beef liver. I added it into some burgers and was pleasantly surprised. And I did it while brushing up on my Spanish with the help of a Scotsman (Coffee Break Spanish Podcast) and yes hearing someone talking with a Scottish accent move fluently into Spanish is a trip. Or maybe I am just easily entertained.





Finally, I recently stumbled upon this article and the title has been rolling around in my head ever since. I guess it struck me because it’s what I’ve been doing for a while in a couple spheres of my life. I need to stop that shit. Now for an action plan…


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