Five Things Friday

Today’s Five Things… The first five stops that come to mind on my architectural bucket list:

1. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright
2. The Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor
3. Lalibela, Ethiopia
4. The High Line
5. Prague. Yes, the entire, lovely city.

05 Sept | Friday

Recovery Workout
continuous movement rotating:
Sled Pull 100m – reverse @ 50m (90#)
Farmers Carry 100m – switch arm @ 50m (44#)
Slam Ball Toss 50m (20#)
Snatch Grip Barbell Carry 50m (45#)

Feedback from yesterday’s workout is good! Muscle soreness but no pain. Today’s recovery felt good, too. Really felt the reverse sled pulls… glute buuuurn! (Sled drag tip: pretend there is a glass of your favorite scotch resting on top of the plates… the more you fish tale, the emptier your glass. Is that weird? Let’s blame Friday.) The slam ball tosses always feel weird. I can slam the slam ball, but throwing that shit around – awkward. Makes me feel like the fat kid in gym class. Maybe I need to work on my mechanics. Oh and those farmer’s carries. Who the fuck needs crunches – abs for days in pro-gress (say it like a Canadian, eh).



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