Football Sunday!

“I just don’t think you are gonna lose the people that matter if you’re not around while they’re eating beer and pizza.” – Liz Wolfe of the Balanced Bites Podcast speaking on weeding out the friends from the drinkin’ buddies

07 Sept | Sunday

Rest Day:

+/- 3 mile walk with Bo
Laundry for time
Football! Let’s go Den-vuh!


Woke up this morning feeling the last three days of “not rehab” workouts. My dog was really sick last week so I didn’t get much walking in. I missed that as I really enjoy my morning walks; it’s my chance to get the day going, grease the wheels, and check out what’s going on in my ‘hood. I was glad to be able to put in a few miles today. (Funny how often times it takes losing the ability to do something to make you appreciate it… Eh?) Gotta mind myself with the piriformis though as my low back and right glute are “speaking to me” today. Will inject some stretching and lacrosse ball work during the game, and likely some curse words, too. Because Broncos.


 06 Sept | Saturday

 Training Hike #3:

Corona de Loma Trail
at South Mountain
+/- 5.25 miles


I hadn’t hiked this trail before and it was fun! Really flat and scenic to begin… then up the mountain you go with some switchbacks. I will definitely do this one again.

corona del lomo elev

corona del lomo
And this is why we get up early…

The hike felt good. I was really tired though as I stayed up too late Friday night.

another crazy friday night

I noticed something the other day, however: my movement patterns have changed. When doing things like tieing my shoes or picking up a kettlebell, jump rope, or other accoutrement, I find myself bending at the waist rather than squatting down. Makes sense to me. It hurt to be at the bottom of the squat, so we’ll just take advantage of the bendiness and fold in half. Problem solved. <Sad trombone> So this week I’ll be mindful of that AND practicing better posture.

What this guy says makes so much sense. And isn’t it funny that rather than using pain as a tool to help us figure out the problem, we just try to stop the pain. Huh.

I made some nanner bread to put in this week’s lunches. The recipe is from Juli Bauer & George Bryant’s cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen. I didn’t have a bread pan, so I just used a 9×9 square pan. Next time I make it I’ll halve the “swirl” component of the recipe and halve THAT amount of cinnamon, too. The texture and flavor are awesome, I just didn’t need quite so much of the sweetness. (Words that rarely come out of my mouth.)
swirl goo
Kerrygold + Njoy chips + cinnamon + honey = swirl goo
palomg nanner
I feel so fancy when I use parchment paper
paleomg nanner yum
Eat me. Okay.
Holy smokes this is a long post! It’s almost game time… But first: my stat block:

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