The Perfect Drug

The day after barbell re-introduction:

day after barbell

 09 Sept | Tuesday

10:00 the-good-kinda-hurt of the foam roller

10:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
Box step up x 8 
Push up x 4
TGU x 2
AD x 10 cals

– 4:00 rest –

10:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
200m jog
KB swings x 5
Body rows x 5
Wall walk x 210:00 @ 65-75% intensity:
20:00 Stretch Class


As I previously noted, I’m a tad sore from yesterday. The motion lotion helped, however. All the movements were pain-free, when you factor out the soreness. I used a light kettle bell on the TGU’s as I’m a little wobbly transitioning to my knee and standing up on the right side. In the second segment, I felt like a fat kid on the playground during the jog. Good gawd. I was looking forward to the row, but the happy hour class had all the rowers so instead Ice Ice and I cheered on the 6:00 class from our ADs. Like this:  


Statler and Waldorf
I’m on the left with the voluminous hair.
I haven’t been protecting my sleep this week. Gotta reel that in. No amount of good eats can make up for the sleeps.
I don’t perform well after a few days of short and/or shitty sleep. I think back to architecture school where all-nighters were frequent. Man, I would have gotten much more done – and better work at that – had I allowed my body the sleep it needed. I’d joke about being able to feel days falling of the end of my life, not knowing just how true that was. This TEDx talk from Doc Parsley hits on all the points of sleep, how it’s our body’s perfect drug, and why it’s so hard for us to accept.

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