If the new iPhones get any larger I’m reverting back to this method for supplying the soundtrack when I go for a run:

the next iPhone

Who am I kidding – I don’t run.

11 Sept | Thursday

– Rest/PT Rant Day – 



Put in some Z1 miles walking the dog this morning and did some stretching and “PT exercises” this evening. I’m still pretty sore from this week’s workouts and while I know a majority of the discomfort is just your standard post-workout muscle soreness, there are a few spots that I know aren’t that. I am feeling frustrated that with all my PT sessions (there were 20 of them) I never really found out definitively what the problem was/is. Nor do I think I have completely resolved the issue. So, if I don’t know what was wrong, how can I address the incorrect movement pattern so I don’t just keep this cycle going? Psoas, sacrum, glute medius, piriformis syndrome, adductor tendinopathy, trigger points, blah, blah, blah…

What DO I know? I know that I have a pretty significant anterior pelvic tilt. Maybe I can start there. And here. Sometimes I feel like the more I learn about all this, the more I have to fix.




 10 Sept | Wednesday

4 Rounds:
KB bench press x10; right into (26# KB)
Banded rows X 10 reps ea. arm (red band)
3:00 rest


3×10 Press (50# For reals. All sets. Last set I failed around rep 8)
2:00 rest between sets


3 Rounds:
L-sit x15-20s 
30s rest
50 DU’s
90s rest


Yay! Yay! I get to train today – squats!

And by Wednesday:

I can’t do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. My muscles are g-o-n-e.

The first portion of Wednesday’s workout went smoothly. I really like the KB bench because it demonstrates my weaknesses. On my left side I can press all day. On my right side, the last two reps are challenging to complete with good form. Also, it still amazes me how cracking the walnut/engaging the glutes makes me press more. Crazy.

The second segment sucked. I felt so weak! I’ve heard, and am hoping it’s not an urban legend, that your body remembers the level of fitness you had achieved and that makes it easier to “come back”. I can’t seem to locate any science to speak on that, but if Matty Ice says it’s so, it must be true.

In last part of the workout my L-sits were more like like Z-sits as I did them bent-leg – my quads were having none of this straight leg business. But hey, I can still do double-unders!


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