Say it like the Dowager…



14 Sept | Sunday
Rest and Recovery Day!
Dog walking
Vitamin D collecting
Laundry doing
Food prepping
Broncos winning


 13 Sept | Saturday
Training Hike #4:
Alta/Bajada Trail
@ South Mtn
+/- 8 miles
Holbert Trail
@ South Mtn
+/- 4 miles


Friday’s fat-burning and recovery workout was magical; all my parts are feeling good. This is a relief as Thursday I really thought I was broken again. I was looking forward to testing how the distance on the Saturday’s hike made everything feel, but we had to change our plans. The access road to the trailhead was closed. Nooooooooooo! Gotta start upping the mileage on the training hikes (and frequency) because the 15th of November – and it’s 23 miles of trails – is just around the corner. Experience has taught me, while this isn’t Rim to Rim, it’s nothing to wag a finger at. (The Leahs’ Summit Challenge circa 2011: 2 hikes, 2 Havana Lattes and a 2-hour breakfast at LGO.)
Someone once told me they never hike South Mountain because it’s “ugly”…
Got some sleep banking in last night. Hope to do some more this evening.

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