Strictly Business

“Squat day is a good day.” – Coach Ice Ice

No fluff on this post. My internet was down last night so I just wanna sneak this one in before I have fun with exterior elevations.

15 Sept | Monday

QT with the foam roller

3×5 Back Squat; rest 3:00 btwn sets (65# all sets)


3×5 RDL; rest 2:00 btwn sets (65# all sets)


15:00 of TGUs (35# KB)


The first (warm-up) set – BB only – was rough. It was as if my hip flexors didn’t know what to do.  But each set felt a bit better than the last. Set 5 felt the best; weak, like I have lost strength (duh), but no bad pain. 65# all sets

Wasn’t sure about the RDLs, which can be Romanian OR Russian according to KP, but they felt great with just the right amount of stretch on the hammies. So I kept the weight light and proceeded…

And the get-ups, oh those get-ups; I love this movement! They felt stronger than last weeks – still some cramping in the flexors when I tuck the knee under on the way up. I considered grabbing the 44# KB, but stayed at 35# as I want to be able to train the rest of the week.

Here’s some amazing footage of my return to the back squat…





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