The 3-Item List

“The trouble is, you think you have time” – Gautama Buddha

I had a professor in grad school who wore a Canadian Tuxedo everyday. Every. Day. My twenty-something, design-school self found that to be very lazy. There I was being taught the importance of aesthetics & design and the power of the message they send… by a dude in head-to-toe denim. These factors did not reconcile.

Fast forward to my thirty-something, design-professional self, with an every-growing list of things I want to accomplish – things to learn, stuff to make, cities to explore, coffee to drink, PRs to set! If our actions speak our priorities, how can I move past all the noise, all the distractions and get meaningful shit done? Now I think I understand that denim uniform my professor had; it was a tool to eliminate decision fatigue and expedite the day. (Or maybe he just really liked denim.)

While I don’t have a uniform (yet), I’m going to implement some methods to be more productive and take fucking action. I’m going back to my 3-items lists, capping my “to do” lists at the three most important tasks of the day. I’m also going to focus on creating more and consuming less, and being more selective with my time on the interwebs. And maybe I’ll plaster my casa with this infographic. (I’m not sure what’s happening there in number four…)


  16 Sept | Tuesday

 4 Sets:

Bench Press x 8 reps (65,70,75,75#)

right into

Single-arm banded rows x 8 each arm (red band)

rest 2:00


3 Sets:

DB push press x 8 reps (20# DB)

rest 1:00

Slam ball x 6 reps (20#)

rest 1:00


10:00 of DU’s


Bench felt good. KP, my amazing spotter, gave me some great cues that helped me finish that last set. The right side was slower to finish than the left; not sure if that means its the weaker one or that it’s compensating for the left. Rows felt good, maybe I need to go to a thicker band because I don’t really feel any fatigue while I am doing them, though they force me to focus on posture/position.

DB push press is craziness. With a barbell everything goes in the right direction. With the dumbbells the arms want to go everywhere – so it’s much harder. I like it. Slam balls felt good – really felt it in my hammies on the pull down to the floor. (Noting what this feels like for barbell movements.) Stuck with the 20# because my lower back was feeling a little fatigued (and this isnt’ the time for balls to the wall) but in the future I’ll go with that 30#er, especially with the smaller rep scheme.

And holy shit, that was a lot of double-unders. My strategy was to allow myself enough recovery between sets to be able to complete the next set without question. There’s nothing more frustrating than “wasting reps” by failing one or two reps shy of the mark. This worked up until I was approaching the 50 unbroken (which was around the 6:00 mark) Then my arms were tired and didn’t want to listen to my commands. It was fun though and felt good. Jumping rope = not Z1.


dubble unders
What I looked like on the way down the ladder…


Had one of our clients drop off some delicious short rib enchiladas and guac from his restaurant. There were delicious…



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