“Make your combat stance your everyday stance.” – Miyamoto Musashi

During a recent session of internet browsing, I stumbled upon the article, “How CrossFit Ended My War with My Body“. That title. It resonated with me. So I read on… Like the author, and so many ladies I know, I had spent years over a decade trying to beat my body into submission. And then I walked into a CrossFit gym. And what started as just another attempt to achieve aesthetic goals evolved into an incredible (and ongoing) journey. Between the community I discovered & became a part of, picking up a barbell, being introduced to the paleo lifestyle, and throwing out the fucking scale, the combat has ended.

 17 Sept | Wednesday

3 Sets: (I did 4 sets because… Because.)

Back Racked Lunge x 8 ea leg (used 35# BB)

1:00 rest

Handstand Walk x 8′ (5′ max distance traveled unbroken)

1:00 rest


4 sets:

Chin Over Bar Hold x AMSAP (23,31,30,25)

1:00 rest

Kettle Bell Swings x 15 @35#

2:00 rest

Made the lunges walking lunges with the barbell. I started with the 45# barbell, but my right adductor was having none of that. Switched to the 35# lady bar and proceeded. That push off the ground with my right leg was weak – really had to focus on engaging that glute an pushing the knee out, which I did. 

The handstand walks were challenging; I can stand in one place for infinity, but moving forward, that’s tricky. I’ve been working on positioning my hands so they face forward rather than out at a 45° degree angle and that seems to be helping a little bit as it prevents me from moving backwards. 

I suck at the COB holds. And hate them. (I believe these two factors go hand-in-hand). Around 20s my elbows start shaking, which makes my face jiggle, so at least it’s entertaining. 

On the kettle bell swings I made an effort to pull the KB back into the bottom position rather than letting it float down. I am not sure if it actually moved any faster. I also tried to be really aware of the top position, trying to look like this at the top.

As requested by El Hefe, here are some videos of the COB holds…

The most exciting video you will ever see…


The second most exciting video you will ever see..


I’m improving on my effort to complete all the day’s coffee drankin’ by noon (and resisting the urge for maaaaaaaaas). I learned the half-life of the stuff is 5 hours…

Yikes! If I were to keep drinking the stuff in the afternoon, I’d be in a continuous caffeine loop! No gracias.



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