Elimination Friday

(Nope. This post is not about poop. I was just bored with the usual Friday title and that one fit…)

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

-Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

That quote has been circling around my brain a lot recently. And today it was brought to my attention that I was holding onto a source of some negative shit for no good reason. So, I decided to be done with that. Which bring me to this week’s Five Things…

Five Things I’ve learned I can live without:

  1. Cardio
  2. Television
  3. Red Velvet Cupcakes from LGO
  4. A car (though having one makes life much easier)
  5. Drankin’

 19 Sept  | Friday

3×5 OverHead Squat @ light weight (55#)

2:00 rest btwn sets


3 Rounds:

Ring Hold x AMSAP (Ring Rows x5)

1:00 Row

2:00 Rest


10:00 TGUs (Subbed AD)

The OHS felt good, but awkward, which in my experience means you’re doing ’em right. Had to really think about the blades of my feet and sitting back. I think the first rep on each set was the worst, progressively getting better as I went along. It was the 11 of April the last time I’d done these so… The last set I did 6 reps because the 5th was not awesome and I didn’t want to end on that note.

The ring holds were an absolute no go; front right shoulder was not having it. So I subbed some perfect form ring rows and proceeded with the row. Kept my pace right at 1:55 which got me breathing. Donde esta mi aerobic base?

My glutes and hips were pretty fatigued from the other workouts this week and when I got to the TGU’s, well, it just didn’t feel good so I hopped on satan’s trike. Still not time for balls to the wall. Wall balls, however…

Then I stretched with five o’clock’s bro sesh.

As promised, more heart-stopping videos. OHShit…

And that brings us to Friday’s stat block, brought to you by Modern Family…

Elimination Friday





 18 Sept | Thursday


(from Wednesday’s Back Rack Lunges aka Booty Builders)

20 Minutes:

roll through

100 Sled Pull/Reverse Sled Pull

2:00 AD/Row

5 Ring Rows or Pull-Ups

5 Air Squats


Recovery felt great. Love those sled pulls.



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