PR Sunday

How to check out a hottie at the gymnasium like a ninja…

peek a boo bully

…or a bullie.

 21 Sept | Sunday

Active Rest Day #2

Walking the dog

Ride the bici to drink beer with the ladies

Visual feedback from PR Sunday…

photo 1 (1)
With RunKeeper EVERYONE gets a trophy!
photo 2 (1)
Food prep PR with some help from the crock pot.
Those ladies make every day better! Go Devils!


Drank beer and ate bar food while I was PRing my Sunday con mis amigas. So yeah, that’s a reset button there on the food plates… (The pork rinds and sour beer were delicious.)



 20 Sept | Saturday

Active Rest Day #1

120:00 Yerd Wurk

 I like yard work – get your hands dirty, soak up some sunshine, work on your mobility by sitting at the bottom of the squat while you pull weeds. And the shower and iced coffee afterwards… not a bad culmination.



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