The Science Guy


22 Sept | Monday

4×5 Front Squat (65,75,85,95#)
 3:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
Tidy up the plates with KP because Ice Ice and 
Sansone left a fucking mess
4 Sets:
COB hold x :15
Press x5 (55,60,65,65#)
 2:00 Rest
– then –
3×10 (ea side) Single leg hip thrust
1:00 Rest btwn legs 
Stretchin’ with Six (O’clock)

Front squat felt good, but heavy. As in 95 pounds felt like a PR. Feeling lots of tightness and fatigue in my lower back; this is not to be confused with pain. No pain. I can just tell it’s working.


COB and Press were a fun combo. Minus the first set of COB where I felt some pain in the elbow, they felt good. Next sets I adjusted my grip and that seemed to alleviate the “pull” in the elbow. Press is an excellent ab workout.

Not quite Oprah lighting:


I am going to assign the Single Leg Hip Thrusts a new name, the Christmas Abbotts because they were quite a thing. Two-day soreness, I am sure…

I feel like we are going to be better friends when I post these rather awkward videos.

Left side:


Gun side:


On the food front, over the weekend I made some nut milk. (That probably shouldn’t make me giggle, but it does.) Specifically I made Coffee Shop Worthy Caramel Vanilla Bean Hazelnut Milk. That’s a mouthful, but the final product lived up to it’s title; it’s legit. The aroma of the hazelnuts coupled with the vanilla bean is lovely; add espresso and it’s magic. It was really easy to make and my cheapo cost-effective blender handled the nuts without issue. (Again, giggles.) Next time I’m going to go with a 1:1 ration of nuts to water in an attempt to make it a little thicker.

I am still not sleeping as awesomely (?) as I’d like to be. I prefer to get a solid eight hours. Looks like I need to adjust a few thing to make that happen.




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