“The longer I hang around the CrossFit world the more hippie I become.” -Travis Mash talking Squatty Potty on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast.

I’m a planner; I like a routine and I like to stick to it. This week has not followed my plan.

golden goose
Look up the definition Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, had for “snozberries” and I bet you’ll learn something new today…

Was feeling pretty run down Tuesday and Wednesday so I stayed out of the gymnasium and got some extra rest. Also having experienced some pain again this week, I logged some time looking for additional information online and found this great article about posture. “If your posture is jacked up from hours of sitting at a desk, then not only will it ruin your snatch…but you’re also setting yourself up for a long list of injuries…” No need to elaborate, author, you have my attention…

25 Sept | Thursday

15:00 Self-Myofascial Release

4 Sets:

DB Bench Press x 8 ea. (26# KB)

Reverse Grip Barbell Rows x 8

2:00 Rest


2k Row @ hard effort (10:00 on the AD)

Stretch Class

The foam roller felt really great (or bad in a good way); I swear it feels like I have a pebble in my glute when I roll over that right side. Ooooch. Things are not feeling awesome this week, but I am hoping it’s just a little step back and not a halt. Stretch class was a nice way to end the sesh. I’m thankful for the awesome crew at DTP. No one is a dick (House Rule #2)



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