“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things that we do.” – Freya Stark

The beginning of the month always has me reflecting on the previous one, checking in with my goals and such. In what areas did I progress? Regress? Do I need to adjust the actions steps? And sometimes even taking stock to see if an item is still something I want to achieve.

Inevitably this process leads to a look at how I’m allocating my time and where I’m getting distracted. Because, yes, it happens all the freaking time. Unless Netflix stops adding new episodes of Walking Dead or I find the end of the internet, it’s gonna keep on a happenin’!

This re-evaluation of both goals and time always brings me back to a post by James Clear, “What To Do When You Have Too Many Ideas (And Not Enough Time. I’ll let you read it for yourself, but the metaphor of trimming the rose bush, has stuck with me. Essentially, I can attempt to do everything in a really shitty fashion (because that’s what happens when you’re over-tasked – I don’t care who you are or how much you proclaim you’re an excellent multi-tasker) and have them all fail. Or I can trim down the list, focus on the important shit, and get those fuckers to bloom.

pruning brows and personality
Speak on it, Boney. Speak. On. It.

What are your biggest distractions…?

04 October | Saturday

Training Hike #5

Alta Training Trail Route
@ South Mountain

9.67 mi

photo (1)

Not only did JK and I totally exceed our planned mileage (maybe due to some questionable navigation skills by yours truly) but we also upped our pace significantly! Yay us!


03 October | Friday

RDLs 4×4 @ 42×1 (75,95,105,105#)
2:00 Rest btwn sets
– then –
4 Sets:
BTN Seated Press x3 (55,60,65,60#)
1:00 Rest
Zing Zows x5
1:00 Rest
Hand Release Push Ups x5
1:00 Rest
– then – (because)
AD 15:00 w/
2x Wall Walks Every 5:00

I was unsure as to how heavy or challenging the RDLs were supposed to be, but by the time I got up to 105# keeping everything in position was tough. While I do feel them in my glutes and hammies I also feel fatigue in my mid-back, trying to keep good position. Is this normal? Should this be more of a glute burner? Behind-the-neck (BTN) press is so awkward. A wider grip is required, yes? I felt a lot more fatigue on my right side, in the area of my shoulder that likes to get all fired up and pissy (the middle just above the scap). Zing Zows (because AHJ has informed me that my R’s are just Z’s + 1’s) felt good, which surprised me as they followed the BTNs. I decided to add some AirDyne action in there because frankly I need to sweat. I do know there’s a difference between training and just getting sweaty, but I just wanna get sweaty for a while. I feel like I am sitting at the valley of the roller coaster and am jonesin’ to climb back up…


 02 October | Thursday

 Rest & Recovery Day

Sometimes rest requires drinks.

This week’s Rest & Recovery resulted in reduced amounts and quality of sleep as well as SEVERE brain fog for the duration of Friday. Despite these factors, I will call it a success.

How every attempt at communication felt post-rest day Thursday.

The Scrimshaw will serve as the stat block this time.


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