Easy, Breezy.

There’s a story there, but I am too tired to tell it. What a tease.

Deadpool summarizes Monday night.


06 October | Monday

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
10x Hip Bridges and March
10x KB swings
10x Wall Balls

– then –

4×5 Front Squat (85,95,95,105#)
3:00 Rest btwn sets
4 Sets:
COB hold x 20 seconds
:30 Rest
BB lunges x 20 steps (10 ea) (35#BB)
2:00 Rest
4 Sets:
AD sprints@ :45 sprint, 2:00 easy spin

– then –

 Stretch | 20:00

 I found this article and thought maybe I would try to incorporate some of these into my warm-ups. Thoughts, El Hefe? 

The squats felt heavy. I clearly have some trunk work to do, in addition to regaining the strength I lost from rest and rehab. It is SO strange where I feel fatigue when I squat, it’s not in my legs its in my flexor region. Perhaps a diagram would help…?


COB holds I still hate, but I want to the dead-hangs so keep ’em coming. I attempted to add weight to the lady barbell but I could tell my form went to shit when I did (knee on the right side collapsed in and I wanted to lean forward) so I just kept it barbell only. I was out of breath after the lunges…

How I looked after lunges. Just ask Matty Ice.

 The AD sprints felt good. I mean, they are awful, but the sunset was pretty and the mosquitoes kept me company.

And here’s a minute of your life you’ll never get back…



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