“My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” – Henry Rollins

Was going to post an image of Mr. Rollins up here, but that’s just too much handsome to deal with right now.

Let’s have a chat about coffee. I drink it. Everyday. Black with some full fat coconut milk. I enjoy the smell, the ritual of making it – of drinking it. I thought perhaps I should look into whether or not my love for the bean is playing a role in my disrupted sleep pattern. Thanks to social media I stumbled up, Coffee and Hormones: Here’s How Coffee Really Affects Your Health.  I read it thinking it would probably make me want to cut back more than I already have. Instead, it made me feel good about my lifestyle overall and what I put in my mouth. So, with a little more tucked away in my warehouse of knowledge, I will continue to enjoy the pleasure of my morning cup ‘o…

just pleasures

just pleasures2

15 October | Wednesday

Warm up | 3 rounds:
Wall press x10
Clammies x10 (ea side)

Training | 6 sets:
2:00 AD build up in speed with each 30 second increment
1:00 Rest
– then –
Iron Scap regime

Well, I learned that Tom is tricky with his use of words… The AirDyne workout was really just AD Sprints in disguise! Sneaky, sneaky. Sprinting of any kind is not a strength of mine, but then, that’s more reason to them, no? The RPM scheme kept was +/- 60, 64, 68, 72. By the sixth round the last :30 was burning real good.

The ‘Iron Scap’ regime should be called ‘Angry Scap’. I am unsure of the particulars of each movement (which is problematic for a detail-oriented mind) and that much band work brings me back to my globo gym days, which I did/do not enjoy. I am sure there is some profound metaphor for life in this little snapshot; how I just want to do the fun things (barbells!) not the accessory work that will actually lead to improvement. But I still don’t want to do it. I got to the Tiger Walks and said fuck it. Then I went to Whole Foods in my “Reebok CrossFit” apparel and felt obnoxious.



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