So Much Squeezing…

So. Much. Squeezing. That was how Nikki D. described the sled portion of Thursday’s Fat Blasting session. Yeeees. Scoops in progress…

Ya know how much I love posture videos. Robb Wolfe posted this on his blog and I found it to be informative and entertaining.

And oh man, I nearly lost it when he pulled that band out of his pocket. Just me?

16 October | Thursday

Warm up | 3 rounds:
5 push-ups
10 wall balls
10 KBS

T-raining | 4×3 Pull-ups @33×0
– then –
30:00 work:
KB clean & press x5 ea. side (26#)
Sled walk x200m (120#)
Suitcase carry x50m left hand, 50m right hand (44#)

Stretch | 10:00

I forgot to video the pull-ups! What can I say? I was mesmerized by the sunset. The holds were challenging and the last rep’s descent was… Fast. Used an underhand grip. Lots of pressure in my right elbow.
Loved the 30:00 of work. Everything about it. Felt good. Suitcase and rack carries are the bees knees.



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