That’s All I Got

cant stop laughing

I really can’t stop laughing at that. Tuesday’s favorite thing.

 21 Oct | Tuesday

Warm up | a lil rowing

Training | 4×5 DB bench press @ 13×1 (25, 30, 30, 30# DBs)
3:00 rest
4 sets:
Wall runs x 20-30 seconds
1:00 rest
Box step ups x 8 each leg (35# BB)

Stretch | 20:00

The tempo bench with dumbbells felt so much better than with the barbell. Why is that? Different range of motion? Different movement pattern? Whatever it was, they felt good. The wall runs were so much more fun this time! I walk walked up to the top position and was able to bang out 30 seconds relatively easily without issue. Other than not falling on my face is there anything else I should be keeping in mind while I do these? The box step-ups were legit. I would have grabbed the 45# BB but my right side… mmm… just wanted to make sure I kept moving well, in the proper position.

I did experience some TGU and barbell envy watching the 6:00 class. Really excited for Friday’s workout. Tire hits!

Going to log my food for a while just to see just how dialed in I really am. I think calories and the scale are bullshit, but seeing the macros will be interesting. I am using the My Fitness Pal app because it doesn’t make my face hurt when I look at it. (Seriously who designs these apps. I am offended by how awful they are.) FINALLY slept like the dead last night, though there were some migraine meds involved. Gonna do whatever I can to fix this disrupted sleep business.



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