“The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.” – Rumi

Another great TEDx Talk brought to you by JK. The title is misleading and I think instead it should be called, “No one has enough time for bullshit.”

The presenter puts some pretty incredible numbers out there – like the fact that women spend 3,276 hours grooming over a lifetime compared to 1,092 hours for men. What!?! Think of how great my Portuguese would be if I dedicated those hours to the Rosetta Stone instead of the mirror. What was it Boney said about worrying about your shitty eyebrows in the post about Distractions…?

22 Oct | Wednesday

Mobility | 15:00

3 Rounds – NFT:
100m row
10 Push ups
10 KB swings (44#)
10 Wall ball (14#)
– then –
3 Sets:
Banded hip thrusts x10 reps
right into
Clams x10 ea. side
1:00 rest
– then –
3 Rounds @ 6-7 on RPE scale:
100m row
10 Push ups
10 KB swings (44#)
10 Wall ball (14#)

Stretch | 20:00

I really enjoyed this workout. I was pretty winded, but man did that feel good after however many months of no dynamic hip action. And all the movements felt great without any bad pain. The clams on my right side were pretty weak. I can tell the movement pattern isn’t what it should be, or rather, just that it takes a lot of brain power to make sure I am moving well on that side.  

Day Two of the food logging and the Hawthorne Effect is in full effect. Which I suppose is a win..



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