Six and one: the Broncos record after this evening’s victory over San Diego. It’s also a good ratio of champagne to OJ in a quality mimosa. I could have entitled this post, “A Bunch of Random Shit”, but that was a little wordy. Six and one.

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

Name that movie quote. It’s a good one…

take that Thursday
How it feels leaving the ‘nasium these days… coming off the injuries!

Life tip of the day: When a person tells you they are an asshole, you should believe them. You can find 31 additional Life Tips here. (The frog I die.)

And finally, a video I’m certain will help me with my less that stellar med ball tosses!

23 Oct | Thursday

3 Sets:
Reverse Zercher lunges x 10 ea. (45, 55, 55#)
1:00 Rest between legs
3 Sets: (more like 7 attempts)
HS walk x 5-10 ft (made it 5 ft max.)
1:00 Rest
Banded rows x 8 reps (totally missed these)
1:00 Rest
5 Sets:
AD x 1:00 hard spinning, 2:00 easy spinning (yay)

The lunges hurt in a good way. The handstands are always fun, even when I stand still. Accidentally skipped the rows. Typical. And the sunset was nice while I did the AD drill.

I’ve added a “no fucks were given” icon to the Mood & Stress bar. Look at that.



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