Should-less Days

” I’ve learned a lot from my plants. I learn that if a plant’s not growing, it’s dying, and that growth is a state of health. -Ellen Burstyn

oh yeah podcasts

Do you enjoy podcasts? If so, which ones? I really, really love the podcasts, and typically listen to them in the evenings when I am food preppin’ or tinkering around the house.

One of the newer additions to my playlist is Death, Sex and Money with Anna Sale. With a name like that, how does a person resist a listen? On the latest episode, Anna interviews actress and director Ellen Burstyn. I wasn’t familiar with her or her work, but she is a really fascinating lady, and at age 81 had some pretty incredible things to say. One such nugget was this idea of having should-less days, days where you liberate yourself from your “To Do” list and do whatever the fuck you feel like doing. (She puts it much more eloquently – I highly recommend a listen.)

Inspired by this concept, I spent a portion of my Sunday afternoon getting my Rolleiflex ready for action. I picked up this camera up in Buenos Aires some EIGHT years ago and have yet to learn how to use the thing. Until now…

Light meter is on it’s way from Amazon. Next weekend it’s QT with the Rollei


26 Oct | Sunday
PSC Training Hike #10
Rest Day

25 Oct | Saturday
PSC Training Hike #9
Alta-Bajada Trail
@ South Mountain
12.0 miles

24 Oct | Friday
Training | 3 Sets:
Single-arm DB row x 6 (30#)
1:00 rest
Top half press x 3 (65, 70, 75#)
2:00 rest
– then –
30 mins of work:
Tire hits x 20
Sled walk x 200m (120#)
Single arm waiter’s carry x 100 m – switching arms @ 50m (35#)

Sunday was supposed to be a training hike day, but my hip and my guts told me take a rest day, so I did. No pain, just tightness, to be clear. Did some -facial release and a nice lengthy session of stretching post- evening dog walk.

Saturday’s 12-mile hike was great! Jennifer and I kept a solid pace, despite the sun being a little spicier than anticipated. 

Alta Bajada Pano
Our view from the top
Alta-Bajada Route
PSC 9 Elev
Elevation Stats


Friday was fun. Tire hits are so much fun, and a close second to beating up a heavy bag in terms of stress relief. The seated press was effective. And the instructional video that accompanied the workout was very entertaining. I really focused on screwing myself under the bar. (What?!?)

The thirty minutes of continuous work felt SO good. 

As far as the eats go, well, Saturday I had ice cream for dinner…

I feel you Cooper.

But I cleaned it up on Sunday. AND did some sleep banking, which was glorious! The food logging business really isn’t as annoying as I thought it would be. And it’s proving to be really insightful, into both the particulars of what I’m eating as well as the absurdity of the standards and assumptions within the app itself.



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