Big Beautiful Glutes

“Every tool is a weapon, if you hold it right.” – Ani Difranco

The number 7 came up a lot in conversation today, seven summits, seven burpees…

seven summits
The episode of Friends where Monica explains the power of seven. Possibly the funniest 3:00 in cable history – if you don’t count the Giggle Loop scene from Coupling

Here I go with the podcasts, again. This time it’s the latest Paleo Solution Podcast with Robb Wolf and his guest, Julie Wiebe. They cover a lot of ground, from post-partum fitness, traditional vs integrative rehab, to cash-based practice. Things get really good around the 23:00 mark when they start talkin’ glutes and the temptation of training for fun as opposed to building quality movement patterns. The importance of moving well is something I like to think I have a solid grasp on, but their discussion really digs deep, making the case in a whole new light (for me at least!). There’s also a great “trunk” quote in there, but I won’t ruin it for you…

27 Oct | Monday

Warm up | 5:00 TGU work (35#)

Training | 4 Sets:
Banded pull ups x5
1:00 rest
Wall walk x2
3:00 rest
– then –
4 sets:
300m row
7 burpees
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

THE Cassie R joined me this evening, so it was sort of a partner session, with each of us doing the full workload. It was just what Monday required. Started the first set of the pull-ups with the blue band, did two sets with the red band (failing on the last rep of each), then back to the blue band for the final set. I’m coming for you strict pull-ups… The wall walks felt great. I am working on keeping my trunk engaged and crackin’ the walnut for the duration of the walk walk. The row + burpee combo felt good. First burpees in months!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am. But it looks a little something like this…

excited ref

Next Monday I am going to start the 21 Day Sugar Detox with JK, my partner in crime on the Summit Challenge. I think it will be very insightful.



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