Dark Side


its fucking magic

Ah yes, we hear it all the time, right? “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Or, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. The phrase is used so often in the CrossFit world, it becomes a little meaningless. And in some ways it teeters on the edge of Fitspo, being just another message telling us we are doing it wrong. (I fucking hate Fitspo. This article does an excellent job of summarizing why.) But perhaps I’m missing half the point of all this gettin’ uncomfy bidnass…

say what oprah
I’ve always applied these “inspirational” phrases in a very narrow way – to my physical (dis)comfort in the gym. (That seems like such an obvious oversight now.) And then I listened to Episode 110 of the Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness Podcast where Jason interviewed Dr Robert Biswas-Deiner, author of The Upside of Your Dark Side. Dr Biswas-Deiner presents the concept of “comfort addiction”, the idea that our modern standards of living and the ease with which we are able to achieve basic comforts have caused us all to be less practiced at being uncomfortable, not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally, as well. The conversation touches on a lot of great points and parallels some concepts from the podcast on porn addiction I referenced in a previous post (just tap on the smart phone or tablet for a little fix of dopamine). Biswas-Deiner argues that we are losing our ability negotiate even the smallest hardships, physically or emotionally.

Interesting stuff. I may have listened twice.

28 Oct | Tuesday

-fascial Release & Mobility | 15:00

Workout | AD 30/30’s
5:00 @ easy spin
15:00 @ :30 sprint, :30 walk/rest
5:00 @ easy spin

Stretch | 20:00

Bonus | 10:00 handstands!

The foam roller felt amazing today. The AD sprints are growing on me. The last 5:00 of the sprint portion I worked up to 80 RPMs (thanks to some gentle shit-talking from a member of the cartel), which for me is a lot! Stretched with Stretch Coach Ice and then played around with handstands because… Because.

My Pal 10-28
In lieu of the stat block, thought I’d post a screen shot of today’s macros. A bit heavy on the carbs and light on the protein today and I didn’t even have any beer.

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