Barbell PSA

“Maturity is realizing how many things don’t require your comment.” -Rachel Wolchin

Friendly PSA
Whatever, Rachel.

Less of a comment and more of a PSA…

Coming off a performance of Grace, the ‘Too Fast To Care’ and ‘Ghost Rider’ segments seem particularly applicable. A bouncing barbell doesn’t make you a badass nor does it make you move faster (on the contrary you waste time retrieving it). It does however, make you look like (a) you do not know what you are doing and/or (b) an asshole. And who needs another asshole, really?

29 Oct | Pumpday

Foam Rollering | 10:00

Training | 4×5 DB bench press @ 13X1 (30# DBs)
3:00 rest btwn sets
– then –
15:00 TGUs alternating sides (35, 44# KBs)

Stretch | 20:00

The bench felt strong, maybe too easy so I tried using the 35# KBs and that didn’t go well. So, I stuck with the DBs and by the last set they were challenging. The TGUs felt strong. I can tell my mechanics are differnt from one side to the other. I tried to focus on mimicing what I was doing on my left when I got to my right. The right flexor, or whatever the deeper muscles behind it is, are sore.

Posting my macro breakdown makes me feel like I should be strapped to an elliptical, slathered in bronzer and hunting for the perfect rhinestone bikini.

My Pal 10-29
29 October 2014



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