The Fade

“To have a better booty all you need is a smaller thong.” -The Oracle

this is my thong gif
That time you wore your oldest pair of workout pants on squat day. And the warm-up involved inch worms. Thanks for the bright side, J-Law.

 30 Oct | Thursday

Rollin’ | 10:00

Warm up | 3 Round NFT
7 wall balls
7 Hand-release Push-ups

Workout | 3 Sets:
Single arm DB row x5 (35#)
Top half press x3 (75#)
2:00 rest
– then –
5 Rounds:
‘Merican KB swing x10 (35#)
Tire hits x20
1:30 rest

Stretch | 20:00

Started with the “see if you can add a little more weight than you used last week” DB Rows. I couldn’t remember what weight I used last week, nor could I find it on this thing. (Noted: I need to be better about tagging shit on here.) This is the part where I miss my handwritten training diary a bit. Dear diary…

pr pants
These are my new PR pants. You can PR tire hits right…?
I had glamour shots with Cassie after the workout. #waylessimpressivethanitlooks

The workout today felt good. The You Tube video of the ‘Merican KBS changed my life. I’d always pictured the kettlebell path swinging around at the end of my straight arms, rather than thinking of it like a barbell, keeping it close to the body. I went with a lighter KB because I REALLY wanted to make my hips do all the work and try to get this “new” movement pattern down. Tire hits are the best.

American Kettlebell Swing with Jeff Martone – I made this very unscientific diagram but check out how close that KB stays!! Whoa!

Can I put in some requests for cleaning? Or is the barbell business on hold until after the Summit Challenge? And my break-a-break-down for today…

My Pal 10-30
30 Octover 2014 Octover, yes. I am ready for it to be over.



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