Red Herring

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” -Tanzanian Proverb

One of my favorite movie Halloween costumes

There was a great article from Mark Sisson this week entitled, “Are You Sacrificing Your Health?”. The article covers a lot of territory, one area being people’s incredible ability to make up a lot of bullshit excuses and their inability to recognize them as such. (Hmm. I may be over using that word this month. Wait! It’s November! Reset the bullshit count.) He points out that these reasons are just distractions that keep us from asking the bigger, scarier questions. Or maybe distractions that keep us from the bigger, scarier answers.

For example:

Red Herring Answer: “Even though my current job leaves me unchallenged and unfulfilled, I don’t pursue a position elsewhere because it isn’t THAT bad here.”
Big Scary Wolf Answer: “Oh man, what if I am not as awesome as I think! I fear failure.”

Whoa! So much scarier! Another example:

Red Herring Answer: “I feel like shit and have a very serious health concern, but who has time for food shopping and prep? Hey, do you want to meet up for happy hour Thursday?”
Big Scary Wolf Answer: “I want a different life, but I want to keep doing exactly what I am doing now.”

On both counts, Dr. Phil would question…


My architect brain equates this idea of asking larger questions to, The Powers of Ten, a film by Charles and Ray Eames. Essentially it conveys the importance of considering scale by adding a zero, changing perspective by either taking a step back to get the bigger picture or focusing in for a closer understanding. So many metaphors for life.

Do you have any ‘red herring excuses’ that you need to go “powers of ten” on?

01 November | Saturday

PSC Training Hike #11
Pyramid – National- Bursera Trail
South Mountain
10.5 miles

31 Oct | Friday

Mobility + Rollin’ | 20:00

Workout | 5 sets:
Sled walk x200m (120# rev. direction @ half)
Front rack carry x50m (35s)
100m easy jog – testing

Stretch | 20:00

Friday’s workout was really fun. Ryan, of Andrea and, had a similar style workout. It was fun to have an audience for all the audible breathing from the rack carries and the facial expressions from “so much squeezing” on the sled pulls. The running jogging felt so great! The belly breathing that preceeded it may have made it so much better by comparison.

Stumbled upon this guest post on Mr. Wolf’s site. Simplify to multiply. I like it. And maybe some additional insight into the cause of my old lady hip issues:

“When the glutes don’t fire well (or at all) in isolation, other muscles naturally take over those duties and things like quad-dominance and it’s spawn, knee pain, show up. Piriformis issues can arise, low back pain can flourish; essentially, life without strong glutes, doesn’t feel like a great life… When the hips aren’t stable, pain along the inner and outer thighs can show up.”

Scoops are, in fact, the solution to my problem.

Saturday’s hike felt fantastic. Going into it I was a little worried as the piriformis was whispering to me, but I did some stretching and rolling post-hike and all is feeling good this afternoon.

fuck yeah sunrise
The sun rising over the Superstitions
Pyramid Elev
Pyramid – National – Bursera Elevation

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