DC crushes it again

Quote courtesy of designcrush on Instagram. She kills it over there.

 03 November | Monday

Warm up | 3 rounds NFT:
5 wall balls
10 KBS
15 DUs

Workout | 3 sets:
Single-leg RDLs x6 (35# KB)
1:00 Rest btwn sides
– then –
20:00 AD w/
2x wall walks
5x T2B
@ every 5:00

Stretchin’ | 20:00

02 November | Sunday

PSC Training Hike Numero 13
Cholla Trail
@ Camelback Mtn
+/- 3 miles

The workout felt good. Went to the recess class and got some Vitamin D with my AD ride. The RDLs are really easy on one side and really hard on the other. Lots of focus on not opening up my hip on the challenging side. Added some toes to bar because I just hadn’t done them in a while.

Sunday’s hike was really fantastic. It felt like fall! We made it to the top in 46:00 with stops along the way for pics and taking in the scenery.

side by side
Left: JK & I at the top of Camelback at about 7:00am Right: Walking my pup to the park around 9:00am Hey I was JUST up there!

Today is the first day of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I think I’ll miss the sweet potatoes and the maple syrup in my coffee the most.



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