Pro-gress (Say it like a Canadian)

False Holidays

This week’s episode of Barbell Shrugged is fantastic. It’s a carry over from this guest post by Diane Fu on her definition of progress. I really like the part near the conclusion of the podcast where they talk about the importance of outlining what you do not want, in addition to what you do, when nailing down your goals. And, of course, the part about balancing all the balls of life.

On a side note, Chris Moore’s ‘ooooh snap’ is phenomenal.

clueless harsh

 12 November | Wednesday

Joined in with the 5:00 Class!
Warm up | 3 rounds NFT:
100m jog
10 KBS
6 zing zows

Workout | 4×3 Deadlifts (155,185,185,155#)
3:00 rest between sets
– then –
3 rounds:
5 single arm press ea side (30# DB)
:30 rest
10 BB walking lunges (45#)
1:00 rest
:45 row (1:45 pace, 40 s/m)
3:00 rest

Streeeeeetch | 20:00

This WOD-ness felt fantastic! The third set of deadlifts my lower back started to round so I shed some weight. I also wanted to be able to perform the barbell lunges, another reason I backed off a bit on the DLs. I was really excited to get back to my 1:45 pace on the erg, though it helped that they were short sprints.

And this is how I’m feeling on this 10th day of the sugar detox…

how the detox feels
That tater tot is a sweet potato tot. And a beer.



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