Thunder & Lightning

I think the one with the tat should be the lightning. Or maybe I have to wait until I’ve officially upgraded to “sick ink” status

And here’s a 7:00 video of some dam goats:

I’m big on the animal vids this week. (I maybe had too much espresso today and not enough sleep last night.)


19 November | Wednesday

Recovery Workout!
30:00 rotating:
1:00 AD
1:00 Row
2:00 Fwd leaning rest/side plank
1:00 easy run

Stretch | 20:00

 Was really tempted to take the day off from the ‘nasium, but was glad I opted for the recovery. Feeling a hint of the bad kinda pain in the adductor today. (F-words, indeed.) But the glute isn’t hurting nor is the hip in the bottom position. We’ll see how the adductor feels tomorrow! Recovery felt great – especially the 2:00 forward leaning “rest”. That was 2-a-day Joe’s idea and it was a good one.

I have been informed that BCAA’s are where it’s at in terms of supplements. And since I need to up my protein anyway…

My friend Jennifer is killing her 21DSD Challenge. I am not. One of our clients brought in homemade pumpkin bread. I just can’t say no to the seasonal gourds. Discipline what???




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