Vitality vs Longevity

“Nothing is as approved as mediocrity, the majority has established it and it fixes it fangs on whatever gets beyond it either way.” -Blaise Pascal

twelve hundred calories
My reaction at the ‘nasium this evening when someone mentioned they are eating 1200 calories a day in an effort to fuck themselves up – oh, I mean, lose weight – for an upcoming “big life event”. And yes. I had my head stuck in the chalk bucket.

Podcastland and the Blogosphere collided for me this eveing. Upon the suggestion of El Hefe, I listened to the latest episode of Barbell Shrugged. The fellas chat with Lindy Barber, a CrossFit games and Grid League athlete who overcame (or continues to overcome) what had the potential to be a completely devastating injury. Then I read a recent (and outstanding) post from Mark Sisson, “8 Strategies for Cultivating A Vitality Mindset“. The article is filled with so many great insights I’d just be reposting it in it’s entirity if I were to try to pull a quote from it. Both the podcast and the article address the concept of sacrificing vitality for longevity – and vice versa. Listen and read. And discuss over coffee.

 20 November | Thursday

Foam roller | 10:00

6:00 Class | 4 Rounds:
Press x2 (75#)
1:00 rest
Rope climb x1
2:00 rest

Partner Workout | 5 rounds:
KB Front rack hold** (44# KBs)
200 m run
**10 burpee penalty for unracking the KBs before your partner is back from the run

Stretch Class | 20:00

Class tonight was fun and effective. I really like the rack holds/carries. I mean, they’re awful, but I feel like they teach you about yourself – revealing your weaknesses and gaps in how you carry yourself, literally. What’s that saying, “It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s how you carry it.” For. Real. I was a little hesitant on the rope climbs as the last time I completed a full ascent it lit up my right shoulder. I switched my grip so my left arm was the lead arm and only went halfway up, which ended up being a good thing as I didn’t have tall socks with me. And lest we forget what happened the last time I forgot my tall socks…

ah memories
The Rope Burn of 2013

For the first time ever I noticed how much the abs are involved in the rope climbs, chambering your legs to your chest. I’m guessing I’ve got to credit yesterday’s extended forward leaning rest period to this awareness.

Time for an update on the goals, now that the Summit Challenge has come and gone. Here’s my quick and dirty list:
1. To participate (and not suck) in the Ragnar Trail Relay at Zion in April
2. Continue to build a big strong booty and learn to engage my glutes in all I do. (That sounds like a Commandment: Thou shalt fire one’s glutes in all that ones does.” Yes. Commandment 11.)
3. Highland Games 2015. Not sure if this is feasible – must research further.
4. Mega Professional Upgrade 

The coffee goes up… and the sleep goes down. But it’s just so damned delicious in this “cold” weather.



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