A Break for Thanks

“The most basic form of human stupidity is forgetting what we are trying to accomplish.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Heading up to the homeland for the Thanksgiving holiday. So. Cold. The upside of the cold weather is that it allows for plenty of time to binge-watch Breaking Bad while loading up on coffee. Then adding some whiskey to the coffee and playing Cards Against Humanity with your people. Give thanks!

23 November | Sunday

Active Rest Day
Dixie Summit
@ Phoenix Mountain Preserve
3.0 miles | 900′ elev

 22 November | Saturday

“Helen” | 3 Rounds (10:20)
400 m
21 KB swings (35#)
12 pull-ups (zing zows)

21 November | Friday

EMOM | 20:00 (95, 105#)
Every Minute On the Minute:
1 deadlift
1 power clean
1 clean
1 jerk

Dixie Summit Recovery
Sunday’s view from Dixie Summit Trail

Turned Saturday’s session into a recovery workout as I was feeling good, but sore from Friday’s EMOM. What’s interesting is that when I compared it to my previous times for Helen, it was faster. Huh. Now to get after those stinkin’ pull-ups – the ones with good movement that don’t blow up my shoulder.

Friday + EMOM + fun crew (CR at the station next to you) + feeling good = a great night at the ‘nasium. Kept the weight light and made the second power clean a regular clean. (What’s a squat clean?) Getting out from the bottom of the clean is always a good thing for me to work on. Ali took a vid for me to get me to stop over-thinking sheeit. It worked.



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