“Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” – Rachel Wolchin

Oh man, that quote is so true. And for those of us who process externally, so unfair. #ExtrovertProblems

One way to combat the extrovert problems. Filling your mouth with… food.

I did my fair share of that up there while giving thanks last week. So many sweet potatoes. Also, I am pretty sure a day fell off the end of my life from all the sitting. The silver lining of my sit-itis was seeing the best Geico commercial ever. And being crowned Thanksgiving 2014 Scrabble Champion.

Despite all the sitting and frigid temps, I do enjoy going back to the little nook of the world I grew up in. There’s something about it that always clears my head and reminds me of what the point of all this is, and it puts the priorites back in the proper order if they may have gotten shuffled around a bit. That being said I am de-fucking-lighted to be back home in Phoenix and am refreshed and ready to take care of business, in all the spheres.

01 December | Monday
5:00 Class

Back Squat Wave Load 3,2,1 (135#)
1:00 rest between mini-sets
3:00 rest between waves

4:00 KB Long Cycle (45 reps w/ 26# KBs)

Stretch | 20:00

Partnered up with KP and worked up to 135# on the last single. Back squat felt really great, though maybe a bit light. Working with a fellow quad-dominant partner, focus was on keeping the glutes involved.

The long cycle was tricky because the 26# felt a little light, but the 35# seemed impossible. Maybe the next short cycle I should test the impossible. Scored 45 with the twenty-sixers. Looking forward to see what hurts manana… Four minute abs!

I’m thinking I am gonna keep on logging the food through the holidays, both to keep me accountable and to just see where my macros end up with the addition of the supplements. Now that the sugar detox is complete I can work my way through a couple new cookbooks. Trying my hand at Nom Nom Paleo’s Bone Broth this evening…



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