AZ E’erywhere

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” -John Muir

Walking after death by air squats. One, two, three… hooray!

A couple of great podcasts with AZ connections to mention. Robb Wolf’s latest podcast, Episode 248, features a discussion on soil carbon, which as it turns out, is quite fascinating. So much so that I’ve listened twice (and am still clicking on links trying to connect all the dots). His guests, Russ Conser and Peter Byck (of ASU’s School of Sustainability – ding!) couldn’t be a more unlikely duo. If you are interested in how your food is raised, (which – let’s step into the honesty zone – if you have time to read blogs and you eat food, you should be) take a listen. Twice even.

And the guys over at Barbell Shrugged talk with Steve Heideman (from the Phoenix area – ding, ding!) who admittedly did some pretty stupid shit, fell off a cliff, into a fire, and lived to tell about it. This guy’s positivity is infectious and, as is usually the case, Chris Moore has some quotable moments, too.

07 December | Sunday
Active Rest Day:

Climbing with a few membas of the Cartel
Recovery @ Four Peaks Brewery

06 December | Saturday
Partner Workout:

AMRAP | 4:00
5 pull ups (zing zows)
10 sit ups
15 KBS (35#)
– rest (set up for next round) –
AMRAP | 4:00
1 x Deadlift
2 x Hang cleans
3 x Push press/jerks
– rest –
400m run (row)
100 DUs
400m run (row)
100 DUs
– rest –
Death by Air Squat
7-14-21-28-35-42-49 (failed @ 45)

Chatty stretch | 12:00

05 December | Friday
Rest Day

04 December | Thursday

Rollin’ ’round & Mobility | 20:00

EMOM!!!| 30:00
Even minutes: 2 Clean + Jerks (10:00 ea @ 95, 105, 115#)
Odd minutes: DUs for :25 (Max. UB 49)

Stretch | 20:00

Today I discovered the bike route from Four Peaks to my casa is ever so slightly down hill. Ahh, the universe delivers.

ropes and stuff
The climbing Cartel. Krista was the photog – taking a complete rest day after her performance at the SicFit Comp on Saturday.


dats me
The rock gym needs more cowbell

 Not gonna lie, no siree, I am sore. Many places, but most of them I believe are related to the death by air squat portion. Really need to get a foam roller for the house because a rolling pin is seriously NOT the same.

I paired up with Steph (of the Ice Ice family) for the partner workout Saturday, which was a lot of fun. My arms and calves were still speaking to me from all those DU’s on Thursday. But motion is lotion and as the workout progressed things felt better and better. It might have been all that sick ink in one room, however…

Tested the blueberry muffin recipe from the Zenbelly Cookbook this weekend and boy did it deliver. I usually gotta watch myself with the nut flours (Nut jokes are like snatch jokes, amiright??) but this recipe uses arrowroot powder, which not only is more cost-effective than almond flour, but it also didn’t bother my guts. Another hooray. I’m really trying to get on board with the nose-to-tail eating, but it has proven to be a slow process. I’ve only just started eating grass-fed beef liver on the regular, but have been pondering what part will be next. I’ve heard oxtail is tasty and crazy nutritious. That coupled with the fact it’s soup/crock pot season, it may be the perfect time to give it a go. To be continued…

Delicious sleep. And Four Peaks eats.



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