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look fucking up
Today I had a conversation with my boss. It was less of a conversation and more of brain dump on my part, as he spent the duration of it nodding his head and scrolling through his blackberry, while I talked aloud to myself and refined my ‘WTF’ face. Perhaps, I find it all so annoying because I’m guilty of it too; habitually scrolling through Instagram without a second thought. (Deleting Facebook from my iPhone has proven to be a solid decision.) How many of us have been out to dinner with friends and looked up to find everyone has gone on a social media break, checking out from the face to face conversation to check-in with the curated presentation of our “friends” lives. This series of photographs on Death of Conversation captures it all so well. What are these evil little devices doing to our personal relationships? To our kids? And to our bodies?

08 December | Monday
6:00 class

Warm up | 3 rounds:
10 Wall balls
10 walking lunges OH PVC
5 push ups
5 ring rows

Back Squat Wave Load | 3 sets x 2.2.2
(115, 125, 130 | 125, 135, 140 | 135, 145, 150#)
1:00 rest between mini-sets
3:00 rest between waves

3 Rounds | NFT
Single arm OH walking lunges x10 ea. (26# KB)
:30 rest
Chinese row x8 ea. (26# KB)
:30 rest
Ring push-ups x8-10
1:00 rest

Elongate | 20:00

Back squat felt great! It has only taken me three years to grasp the concept that just because your ass can go to the grass doesn’t mean you should let it. At least on back squat. When I bottom out, I loose all that glorious torque. Now that the hip is feeling good again, it was nice to be able to put some weight on the barbell and get a feeling for where I need to stop – finding my bottom. Oh there it is!

there it is

 I digress. Everything (in the workout) felt solid. Concentrated on moving well on the lunges, keeping the glutes and trunk engaged and not letting my ass stick out. The row and ring push-ups felt solid, too. No shoulder pain.

Thus far I am enjoying the Source Organic protein powder; it blends really easily and doesn’t have a nasty taste. Made some protein waffles with it this morning and man they were good. I used a banana instead of applesauce and added some blueberries. So fancy.



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