Burn It Down…

“You meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it.” – Carl Jung

It was an action packed weekend. Did you see that UFC fight Saturday night?!? You know when two dudes look like this afterwards, it was some kinda show:

A photo posted by Doug Larson (@douglaselarson) on Dec 12, 2014 at 9:12pm PST


It just so happens that I decided to drop into a kickboxing class myself this weekend with my friend, Jennifer. No, we didn’t look anything like dos Santos and Miocic – we just beat on the heavy bags, not one another. (Besides, Jennifer would kick my ass.) It was interesting to revisit that type of training after an 8 month hiatus and coming off injury.

Before I go off on what may look like a rant, I want to establish that I fully agree folks should do whatever they WILL do when it comes to training. And many times that aligns with doing what you enjoy, or at least not doing something you hate.

not eeryone

Now for some personal take-aways from my return to the boxing gym:

  1. I judge a gym by how the people in it are moving; not that everyone needs perfect form, but that they are moving well or at least being instructed to do so. If a coach, say, instructs a class do 100 reps of weighted walking lunges then fails to correct anyone doing the movements improperly… I’m gonna judge you, “coach”. And your hundred reps.
  2. I recognize the importance of listening to how my body feels during AND after my workout and my body didn’t feel good on either accounts Saturday. Keeping your guard makes your shoulders hunchy – something I have been fighting to correct/stave off as I work on a computer all day. And after an hour of intense cardio, my body was telling me to park it on the sofa for the rest of the day. Man, I have way too much I want to accomplish to feel like that afterwards! I feel good when I leave DTP, even when I have worked exceptionally hard. This leads into numero tres…
  3. I no longer have interest in the constant beat downs. I understand that there’s a difference between pushing the limits on occasion and that killing myself for 60 minutes doesn’t equate to progress.
  4. Never tell someone that you are a member at a CrossFit affiliate unless you are at a CrossFit affiliate. Too many assumptions are made.

So I guess what I am saying is that I recognize there’s been a shift. In the profound lyrics of Neko Case, “Gravity won’t get you through the mazes, And you can never travel back the way you’ve come…” Yeah. That.

14 December | Sunday
Active Rest

13 December | Saturday
Kickboxing class

12 December | Friday!
12 Stations of Christmas (25:32)

Performed as Rxed in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” :
1-hundred meter run
2 – power cleans (95#)
3 – pull ups (zing zows)
4 – luuuunges
5 – tire hits
6 – air squats
7 – DUs
8 – KBS
9 – push-ups
10 – wall balls
11 – sit ups
12 burpees

11 December | Thursday
Rest Day!

 Feeling good and ready to get into the gymnasium this week.

Spent Sunday cleaning my house and food-prepping like a MFer. Sometimes it’s nice to be domestic. After class on Saturday, Jennifer and I ventured up to the foreign land they call, Scottsdale and met Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo greatness!

meeting the paleo queen
Yeah, you should be jealous. She. Is. Awesome.


all the foods prep sunday
Should anyone question the functional part of double-unders, I suggest they whip up some mayo by hand and get back to me.


Such a great Sunday it gets a shaka and a rock on, let’s go with that and not that I just don’t feel like correcting it.



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