The Good Doctor(s)

what was that bossman
The appropriate response to your boss when he asks you to pick up his dry cleaning

Way back in the dial-up days, a drinking buddy of mine and I used to joke about the need for a website to find all the hot doctors. Specifically, we wanted a hot dentist; the rationale being that gazing at a handsome face would really enhance the overall experience of a dental cleaning and while they are medical professionals, dentists don’t get too… invasive.

I recently went in for my yearly physical and blood work. Honestly, this was the very first time I had a panel done and I was looking forward to seeing what info the results would yield. Now, my doctor is pretty awesome – she’s got big Texas hair (actually a wig) and is a great listener and thorough explainer of all things. I’m talking the kind of doc who spends a good hour plus talking with you before even touching her stethoscope.

That being said, she and I have some very different views on things I consider to be relevant. And I have searched to find another MD or DO whose philosophy aligns with my own – and also accepts my insurance. This search is ongoing…

The universe delivered this weekend. Tucked into the latest episode of the TED Radio Hour was a discussion about doctor transparency and patients’ right to know their doctors stance on issues that could directly affect their health. Leana Wen, an ER physician and patient advocate, founded a campaign,Who’s My Doctor, to break down what she calls the “barrier of fear” between patients and their doctors. I prefer the dialogue in the podcast, which you can listen to here, but if you prefer the visuals, here is the TED talk:


 16 December | Tuesday

Weight (of myself) | 158# (finally remembered to do this)

Warm-up | 4 rounds:
10 Wall balls
15 Sit-ups
20 DUs
100m row

Werk-out |
3 sets:
Chin over bar hold x Max (:20, :18, :22)
1:30 rest
8 sets:
Jerk x2 (95 push, 95 split, 105 push,  105 split, 115 split, 120, 115, 115)
2:00 rest
3 set:
GH raise x3
right into
Chinese row x8 ea side (20# DB)
1:30 rest

Stretch | 20:00

15 December | Monday

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
10 Wall balls
15 KBS
20 DU’s

Workout |
4 sets:
Wide grip bench press x3 (85,90,90,90#)
:30 rest
Chin up x5 (failed on numero 4 of the last set)
2:00 rest
3 Sets :
KB front rack box step ups x8 ea leg (2×26# KBs)
1:00 rest between
AD Sprints x5 sets
:20 sprint, 2:00 rest

Monday’s workout: The wide grip bench felt strong, unlike the chin-ups. My grip and traps were really fatigued from the kickboxing session, I am guessing. After completing the step-ups and upon watching Ali’s demo to the 6:00 class, I realized my box was not in the proper position. Ha! I am uneasy stepping down onto the ridges in bumper plates so I omitted them –  only to learn that positioning your hip above your knee was the whole point. Oops. That being said, I still felt it in my glutes and a TON in my abz. The AD sprints are good for the soul.

Tuesday! My forearms and grip was SAF so the chin-over-bar holds were brief. I also hate them. I know that is why I need to do them. The jerks were fun (I love fun with jerks!) but the barbell felt heavy fast. When I got up to 120# I was really feeling it in my lower back. I fought to keep everything engaged but it felt like I was sticking my ass out. So I shed a little weight there and finished the sets. The glute-hammie raises are really hard! I love them though! Here’s my video (where I can see I am lifting my heels which is no good):

During stretch we chatted about the difference between being healthy and being an athlete, how an athlete often times sacrifices their health in some aspect for their sport. And then I went home and read an article on SB Nation about playing with concussions in the NFL. I’d say knocking a decade off your lifetime is a pretty big sacrifice.



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